Companions of Elephant

Treachery of General Abraha

Arriat was the ruler of Yemen, he was very firm in his principles. He was man of words and conduct everything as a dictator. One of his general Abraha revoke, he stand against him, challenge his kingship. General Abraha created his now follower that will stand by his side to face Arriat.

With this challenge to the King the Yemen was divided in to two forces. Followers of Arriat and followers of Abraha. The Arriats and Abrahas fight many battle and they have loses of lives on both sides, until they came to the point to stop this blood shed once and for all.

they both King Arriat and General Abraha decides to fight one on one to sort out whatever the problem they have they will sort with this fight. Abraha instruct his closest soldiers if or when you saw me losing the fight, jump into it and kill Arriat.

Arriat was tall and fitted as Abraha was short and chubby, when the fight begin, arriat man handled the Abraha, and when soldier of Abraha saw this situation, they did what they were prearranged for; they killed Arriat, right away.

Abraha takeover the Yemen now he was ruling the entire Yemen. When Emperor Negus (Najashi) heard about Arriat and this battle, he wanted to debase the Abraha and filled the soil of Yemen with Abraha’s forelock. Abraha don’t want a confrontation with the Emperor.

Abraha took some soil from the ground cut his forelocks and mixed with it, and he arranged gifts, and with those gifts he send his forelocks to Negus. When Emperor Negus saw that he became very happy and gave him permission to rule over Yemen.


The Companions of the elephant

During the time when Najashi was the Emperor, Abraha was reigning Yemen. Abraha was the person that wanted his people to follow his rules, and his command. The only possibility that he found, is to change the religion of the people.

Now beside as a ruling Yemen, Abraha was more interested in converting his people into Christians. People of Yemen was attached to Kabah, because these people are Muslim, and for every Muslim Al-Kabah is a sacred place.

Abraha decide to build equivalent to Al-Kabah. In Sana’a he built a beautiful cathedral, architecture was spectacular and huge, it was peace of an art. Where he created excess of wealth and different things; they named it Al Qulais.

Abraha commanded that now Arabs don’t need to visit Makah for the pilgrimage of Kabah. Know they can come to Al-Qulais. This commandment infuriated Arabs. They cannot stand for any think in comparison to Al-Kabah. One of the Arabs go there and defecate inside Al-Qulais.

The guardians of the Al-Qulais employed by Abraha when finds out about this behavior of Arab they go back to Abraha and told him what happened there, what al Quriash did in Al Qulais. Abraha became angry and decided to attack on Al Kabah.

Abraha assembled a huge army, some according to some information 16,000, other says it was 20,000 soldiers; whatever the exact size of the army was actually bigger than the population of Makah at that time. They start marching towards Makah.

One of the Chief Nafael act as the resistance in the path of the army, but he was defeated and they captured him as a prisoner of war, because Abraha was coming with his full force to attack and tribal forces like Nafael was very small to face this army.

When Abraha’s army reached Al Taif, the people of Al Taif supported Abraha. One of them name Abu Ruwaal offered his services to Abraha as a guide during this journey. But when was out the Taif and died people of Arab built a Monument as a symbol of his betrayal.

The journey continued, the Abraha reached the outskirts of the Makah, he capture the Sheppard’s and other people and take possession over there resources. Two hundred of the camels Abraha have is actually property Abu Mutalib, the grandfather of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

When Abu Mutalib heard that Abraha captured his camels, he put his sources in action to find a way to meet Abraha. The prisoner of war Nafael was a friend of Abu Mutalib, and he was carried with the army all the here to the borders.

During this journey the Nafael became friend of one of the pilots, or the driver of elephant; his name was Onais. Abu Mutalib ask Nafael to arrange a meeting with Abraha, and ask your friend Onais to help me to see Abraha.

Abraha welcome Abu Mutalib for this meeting, because Abu Mutalib was not an ordinary person he was a Nobel person and leads from Quraish. Abraha call in translator to communicate with Abu Mutalib and asked him what his purpose for this meeting.

Abu Mutalib said, I want the King to return my camels. Abraha said: when I saw you first I was impressed from persona, and what you ask me is just two hundred of your camels! I am about to attack on your holy place, and all you care is for worldly thing.

Abu Mutalib said: I am the lord (owner) of these camel so I will protect them, as for that house, its lord will defend it. Abraha replied: No one can stop me from attacking on that place, I will destroy it. Abu Mutalib said: Go ahead destroy it.

Abraha gave him all the camels, and focused his energy to the core plans. Abu Mutalib went to the people of Makah and gave them clear instruction that do not fight with Abraha, go to the mountain and leave Makah. When everyone was evacuated from the Makah Abu Mutalib was the last one in Kabah. Before he leaves, he prayed Allah (SWT) to protect Kabah, and then he leaved.

Abraha gave command to attack on Kabah, and they turn there elephants to march towards Kabah. Nafael who were there reach an elephant, mehmood, and said in its ear that, Kneel Mehmood and turn around, go back to where you came from, because indeed you are in the sacred city of Allah, after that Nafael quickly run away towards the Mountains.

Abraha commands to march, the mehmood, the lead of elephants holds it ground, they beat him, pulled him with hooks but he doesn’t move from his place. He change the direction toward Yemen and start moving there. Abraha decided to leave the elephants over there, and he signal the rest of the army to move.

Allah (SWT) send birds over the army of Abraha, each bird is carrying a small stone in its beak. when the bird through or releases that stone on the soldier, it hits with a significant force that it went through them like a bullet; from one to another it passes out.

Abraha Never seen anything like that before, his army was begins to scatter, everyone is run to save their life, someone them run towards Yemen, some of them try to hide in the mountains. None of them was succeed, because this was there punishment from Allah.

Nafael was there standing on the mountains, he was witnessing the wrath of Allah on army of Abraha. All of those were destroyed in that hour, except Abraha, he manage to get back to Yemen. He was the only one that made it out, because Allah wanted to do so.

Abraha became the symbol of humiliation, Allah made him debased, show back every one the defeated face of Abraha, for what they try to do in Makah they had this wrath over them.

Allah is the only one worthy of worship, May Allah (SWT) keep us in his protect and blessings.


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