Treasures of Qaron

Korah “The Qaron” he was from the nation of Bani Israel in the times of Musa (AS). He was one the ministers of Firaun. He became transgressor and tyrant against all the people of Bani Israel. In the times of Firaun, the people of Bani Israel living there live as salve of this king. They put them through every kind of misery, and they applied every kind of punishment on them, so that they can preserve their control over them.

But when there is so match exploitation for such a long time, then there is a chance of uprising, the salves might become rebel.  Firaun has concerns that these people will rise against him one day, and this up rightness can cause him to lose his supremacy.

To handle these kinds of circumstances, Firaun came up to an idea; it was to plan his pawns in the people to watch over them and maintain the chain of command back to him. He selected some people from Bani Israel; he employed them with handsome money and rewards. Their job is simple; they have to keep their eye and ears over these slaves.

Korah is one those people who was employed by firaun at that time; by completing each task given by Firaun, he received rewards, like palace, gold coins, fruit gardens etc. most of the time rewards were in form of gold. He became billionaire; he built his own vaults to keep all his money.

He made so much money that he filled vaults of gold and these vaults were so massive that the keys or the knobs of these vaults required some strong men to operate. Even when Korah ask them to open the vault these strong men get exhausted by the effort they put to open that door of vault.

Whenever the korah visits his vault or open it, the rest of the people saw just the glimpse of the treasure inside that vault. Nobody have this kind of treasure, because he was the only one living in the community that have money, palace, rides, servants and power, rest of them are just salves in Bani Israel. Korah was enjoying his position his power and his wealth.

Most people from the bani Israel started to become obsessed with the wealth of Korah. They wanted to be like him, they desired for the treasure as of Korah. Allah (SWT) says: there is no life for those who earn this world with unlawful and unjust meanings in here after, and people didn’t know korah is one of those persons.

When people tell him about the message of Allah (SWT), he replied that this treasure, this position is my own effort, my own experience my blood and sweat, I am the one who owns it. Allah (SWT) responded to this: didn’t he know that we destroyed many more great nations before him that were lot richer and stronger than him.

Then Korah established a parade and he put everything he own on display, there were several men that were carrying his gold, he himself dressed in gold and stands in the parade so other people can see what he have. People of weak believe started to follow him, they began to wish to be like him, they crave for all the facilities that Korah possessed.

Then Allah (SWT) pointed towards those people who have strong faith in there heart, piousness, righteousness, those who believe in Allah and have knowledge of Turait, Allah (SWT) said: the reward of Allah (SWT) is much greater then what Qaron had. Do righteous deeds and he will became valued to Allah, and he will reward in this world and hereafter. It’s only for those who are patient.

When Qaron was at the crowning of his parade, where he exhibited everything he had the gold the employees, the horses, camels and everything, that people of the time had ever seen, Allah (SWT) shows his magnificence. He ordered earth (ground) to swallow Qaron with all his treasures in front of everyone who were there watching the parade.

What’s the benefit of all that wealth he had, when earth rumbles and swallowed him in front of everyone? There is one to support him at that time. Allah (SWT) speak in quran about those people who wanted and wished to be like Qaron, and when those people saw what happens to Qaron, now they said: Allah is the one that is right; who decrees upon his servants;

Now they are happy, that Allah didn’t gave them the wealth like qaron, if Allah didn’t blessed them and if they were like Qaron, then they were be destroyed by Allah (SWT), like he destroyed Qaron. By witnessing what happen to Qaron, they know that disbeliever don’t succeed in this world and not in hereafter, and only those who believed, who obey, who follow the commands of Allah, will get the happiness of this world and here after.


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