Bilqees and Hud-Hud

The prologue (by Ibn E Khatir)

When the king of the Sheba passed away, there was no one for entitlement of his throne as a king of Sheba. The only daughter of the King, Bilqees was very young at that time and she cannot be pronounced as the Queen of Sheba after the death of his father.

All the Council man of that king has elected a man, and gave him the responsibility of the throne of Sheba. The man who became king of Sheba; a lot of corruption and dishonesty prevailed during his time in power.

As the time passes the elected king corrupted the entire land of Sheba; Bilqees grown up by seeing everything that happened to the kingdom after his father reign. She couldn’t tolerate all this, because she was the daughter of an truthful King who did so much for his people, she has seen everything her father did when he was king of Sheba.

When Bilqees was Old enough, she decided to marry the king herself. On the first night of her wedding she gave her husband so much wine, that he lost control over his senses and body, then she assassinate the king, and became the queen of Sheba very next day.

Bilqees refurbished Sheba to original values as of his father’s reign; lead the people of Sheba towards peace and harmony as much as possible after the rule of last king. This is the history by Ibn E Khatir that how a women became the Queen of the tribe of Sheba.

The story of Bilqees & Hud-hud

One day Suleiman (AS) look towards his people in the gathering( the man, the Jinn, the animal and the birds) , he says: I can’t see hud-hud (Hoopoe bird); and if i don’t find Hud-hud momentarily here i will give her severe punishment or I will cut his throat as in punishment.

After a while hud-hud came before Suleiman (AS); he said: you will not be accepted amongst these people until you give me a substantial reason of your absences. Hud-hud said: i will give you such a news that even you never heard before. This news will amaze powerful king as you.

When i was flying around in a place of Saba’a (Sheba), i find out that this place, this tribe was ruled by a woman. They have two things you should know that these people worship sun as there lord and they have the most beautiful throne anyone could have.

When Suleiman (AS) heard this news, he said: indeed there is none worthy of worship except Allah. Suleiman (AS) gave a letter to the hud-hud and sends this bird as a messenger from King Suleiman to see her reply on this letter.


He directly employ the communication from the letter by writing that this letter is from Suleiman the prophet of Allah(SWT) towards the woman name Bilqees the queen of Sheba. He write the complete letter starting with the name of Allah (SWT) and message of Allah.

When Hud Hud delivered this letter to the Queen; after reading the complete letter she call all the council man and chiefs of Sheba for consultancy of decision against this letter from Suleiman (AS). She said: i will not make the decision until i take opinion from each and every one of you.

And when she narrated the complete letter in front of all the chiefs and council men; one of the chief said: queen of Sheba we have strength and power we can destroy this person just give us an order. Bilqees was very wise she replied: I noticed that when King takeover other nations they destroy everything and they made honorable people disgraceful. I am Not going to order for a war.

She came up with an idea to send some gifts to Suleiman (AS) as bribe so that if Suleiman sole purpose is to conquer kingdoms and takeover countries, he might became very happy and take this as gift from Queen of Sheba.

The chiefs of Sheba took the entire gifts and presented in front of Suleiman (AS). When Suleiman (AS) saw those gift from the Queen of Sheba, He said: whatever you brought to me Allah has given me much more then that; you came to the wrong person, I am not that person who will bought by these gifts. Go back and tell your queen that if she doesn’t accept our word, we will come in such a force that nothing of the nation of Sheba will be left.

As soon as the chiefs deliver the message of Suleiman (AS) to the Queen, she realize that He was not just a king, he cannot be bought by these monitory gifts. Suleiman (AS) also sent an invitation to Bilqees to visit his Kingdom to see what Allah has given to him.

So as soon he decide to visit the Kingdom of Suleiman (AS) she sends a message to Suleiman (AS) of accepting his invitation. At that time the area was Bait ul Maqtus the kingdom of Suleiman (AS), he was sitting with his companions the Jinn and other Human and bird and Animals.

Suleiman (AS) asked: Which amongst you will bring me the throne of Bilqees before she reach to me. One of the prime of the Jinn stands and say indeed i will fulfill this task. Suleiman (AS) asks: how fast can you accomplish this task? He replied before you finish this gathering the throne will be here.

Suleiman said: I cannot wait that long; who else has ability to bring throne of Sheba to me faster than him? There was a person to whom Allah has given the Illem of Kitab, a person on the other side to whom Allah has grant the knowledge, he said i will bring it to you before the blink of your eyes.

And as soon as the order passed, the throne was presented in front of Suleiman (AS). He ordered humans and jinn to re decorate the throne in such a way that when Bilqees see it, she can’t recognize it in first sight.

When she came and saw the throne, she asked that is it really mines? She actually couldn’t believe that the throne was here, because she knew that there is no throne like hers in the entire kingdom. How can it be travel before me as it was such a immense throne?

She was amazed, speechless when she sees her own throne here. But Hidayat is in hands of Allah, she still doesn’t believe in Allah. She asked again is it really mine, and Suleiman (AS) replied indeed it is yours.

Suleiman (AS) invites her inside his palace and when she entered into the palace. The floor of the palace is made of glass and underneath that glass there was water and fishes. As soon she was about to step on this floor, she lifted up her clothing over her ankles so that when she put her feet on this floor the cloths doesn’t get wet.

The moment she steps on that floor she realized that this is not water this was glass. This was the power that Allah has granted this man that no one else have. This is the time when she says that there is none worthy of worship  but Allah and i believe that Suleiman (AS) is the Prophet of Allah(SWT).


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