Dhul Qarnain

The Prologue Dhul Qarnain~ means the bearer of (Dhul) two (Qarnain) horns. It’s not that the person have physical horns grown out of his head, it represent the concept that the helmet or the crown that he wears had these horns attached to it ,which became his identity Dhul Qarnain. Allah (SWT) says: we establish... Continue Reading →


Treasures of Qaron

Korah “The Qaron” he was from the nation of Bani Israel in the times of Musa (AS). He was one the ministers of Firaun. He became transgressor and tyrant against all the people of Bani Israel. In the times of Firaun, the people of Bani Israel living there live as salve of this king. They... Continue Reading →

Bilqees and Hud-Hud

The prologue (by Ibn E Khatir) When the king of the Sheba passed away, there was no one for entitlement of his throne as a king of Sheba. The only daughter of the King, Bilqees was very young at that time and she cannot be pronounced as the Queen of Sheba after the death of... Continue Reading →

Harut and Marut

This is a story in which different scholars of Islam have different interpretations. All of these explanations point to one conclusion, that necromancy is ‘fitna’; it will abolish your faith and your belief in Allah (SWT). This leads to the greatest and unpardonable sin 'Shirq'.  Always seek protection from Allah (SWT). A group of scholars... Continue Reading →

Iblis (The Origin)

Before we started the story of Iblis, the first thing we need to understand that this story is constructed from  Israeli riwayaat, you can't verify it that it is cent percent authentic or you can't deny it that this information is incorrect or fabricated. Before the Allah (SWT) created Adam (AS), Allah created Jinn, and... Continue Reading →

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