Luqman Al Hakim

Luqman Al Hakim; this is the full name found in many books of tafseer. He was neither a prophet nor messenger from Allah (SWT). He was very pious, upright and righteous person of his time. He was born in Southern part of Egypt and move to Palestine to seek knowledge. He lived from the time... Continue Reading →


The Story Barsisa

There was a monk in Israelite, his name was Barsisa. He was very pious and righteous man and some of the scholar also narrated that he spent sixty years of his life just in worship of Allah (SWT). HE even has a temple, a special place where he limits himself to pray dedicatedly and cannot... Continue Reading →

Al Khidr and Musa (AS)

It was the time when Israelite followed Musa (AS) and time to time Musa(AS) address them and tell everything that everything Allah(SWT) revealed upon him. Every bit and pieces of knowledge he knows he delivers during his address to Israelite. The crowed were significantly impressed with this knowledge of Musa (AS). One day when Musa... Continue Reading →

The Keepers of Garden

This keeper of the garden was a very pious and righteous man. The garden he keeps reaps massive amount of vegetable and crops every year. He only took whatever is enough for him and his family for the whole year and donate (sadqa, zakat) everything that remain from that harvest to the poor and needy... Continue Reading →

Believer and Disbeliever

There were two men; one of them was blessed by Allah (SWT) with two gardens of grapes. Those gardens were surrounded by date palm trees. The setups of gardens were placed in such a manner that these gardens reap the maximum output on every crop cycle. Allah made rivers to gush for these gardens so... Continue Reading →

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